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Vincent Brévart

Free card games for Linux

Free card games for Linux (Belote, Bridge, Minibridge, President, Elevator Whist) to play against the computer with no need to register. Programs for Windows that run with Wine (free program you need to install separately). Official site of Bel Atout, SimiliBridge, Élysée and Far Whist.

All my programs have been written for Windows, and therefore in principle they can run only with this operating system. However, some inspired programmers have written a program called WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) which, as the name indicates, is not a Windows emulator but allows to run Windows applications on a different operating system. Wine is a free program that can make Bel Atout, SimiliBridge, Élysée and Far Whist run on Linux.

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Of course, I thank the authors of Wine (many programmers have contributed to these programs) without whom this page would not exist. And I also thank the few enthusiast users who helped me to prepare the Linux version of my card games (without having to reprogram the whole of it!).

Feel free to report your finds (new versions of Wine, successful installations according to the Linux distribution, unknown bugs, solution tips, etc.), so that it can be of benefit to other users and help me to improve my different card game programs.

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