Vincent Brévart

Vincent Brévart

Play Bridge against the computer

Play Bridge against the computer with SimiliBridge (Bridge, Minibridge). No need to register. Download the free full unlimited version from the author's site. Ideal for beginners and average players who want to learn and improve themselves. For PC (all Windows), Mac OS X, Linux.



Does not work on iPhone or iPad or Android

SimiliBridge is a free card game program for playing Bridge against the computer (but not on a network) with the following variations :
  1. Minibridge (bridge with simplified bidding - first system bids as options).

  2. Full Bridge (Bidding system: Five-card Major - Level: Intermediate).

This third version is still designed for beginners and proposes them to be introduced to bridge thanks to minibridge. Play immediately your first games with a minimum of learning. As for those who already know the game but have not played for a long time, they should not hesitate. When selecting the full bridge choice, the level is the one of an intermediate player and is high enough to train, have fun and take up bridge again smoothly.

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