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What's new in SimiliBridge 3.50

December 24th - 2017
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Improvements in the playing level (for full bridge)

  • Control bids

    At last, here are the famous control bids, one of the standard tools used when looking for a slam. These bids allow to check that there is no risk of losing two tricks in the same suit on the opening lead. Read the help page connected with them, for there are more than one possible choice, and it's better to make sure that the available conventions correspond more or less to your usual way of bidding. Also, don't forget to read the tool tip of each control bid, by moving the mouse cursor over the table or the bidding box. After a few tens of seconds, a short text will be displayed and will explain you what the bid below the cursor promises and denies.

    By default, no control bid is allowed, so as not to change the previous functioning. But if you want to use these bids, open the rule preferences at the Bidding / Slams page.

    I'm sure there will be big blunders! Because the test results are not very good. I made the program run over thousands of deals with at least one control bid, each deal being played twice: once with control bids, and the second time without controls. Up to now, the advantage is not clear. With controls, one can avoid many slams that would go down as soon as the opening lead, but nearly as many slams are missed while they would win without controls, the defenders being unable to find the right opening lead. Feel free to save the deals where your control bids went wrong, and send them to me so I can try to improve the performances of my machine players.

  • Jacoby transfer with jump

    I've added several responses to the 1NT opening bid, like the direct jumps to 3, 3 or 3, which promise six cards in the suit and at least 14 HL. And the jumps to 4 or 4, which sign off in game with the will of being declarer and protect the hand (generally, the player has a badly located honor that might be caught if the opening lead comes from the wrong side). These new bids are available for full bridge, with no need of an option since they are quite natural. As for the Jacoby transfer with jump, I've added an option. It is enabled by default, but if you want to play without this kind of bids, open the rule preferences at the Bidding / Developments / After 1NT-2NT page.

  • Some examples of these new bids

    In the last corrections file (accessible by the Examples menu), you can have a look at a few examples about these new bids.

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Other little improvements

  • A new type of advantage

    To test the control bids, I've added a new type of advantage which allows to select only deals where North-South made at least one control bid. With this type of advantage and the value set to +10, all the deals displayed will be played with at least one control bid made by North or South. Most of the time, these deals end with a game or a slam. That way, you'll be able to practice your control bids. And you'll probably be able to spot the numerous mistakes done by the machine players.

    Don't forget also to look at the way defenders build the hidden hands from the knowledge of your controlled suits. And especially your non-controlled suits. Because when one denies a control, one shows at least 2 cards in the suit without the Ace and King. Which often makes the defenders' play easier. At the end of a deal, use the progress buttons to go back to the beginning of the bidding. And by the Player's visualization button, check whether defenders interpret correctly the different control bids (visualization at 90%).

Thanks to all those who have proposed these enhancements.

Best wishes

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