Vincent Brévart

Vincent Brévart

Huntington's disease - Treatment

A Frenchman, having had the first obvious symptoms of the disease, shows an unexpected resistance thanks to a treatment found quite by chance. This man is still very well at the age when his grandmother and father were already disabled and dependent. October 2017.

As my father and my grandmother both died of Huntington's disease (hereditary degenerative disease with no treatment available), I had to admit during summer 2007, when I felt light involuntary leg movements at the age of 52, that I had probably inherited the fatal genetic abnormality. In December 2009, the movements intensified and spread to my whole body, leaving no room for doubt and raising fears of a rapid development. My father had died at age 66. I was 54. I had little time left to find a treatment. In fact, I already had found this treatment by chance at the end of 2007. Doctors don't believe at all in my discovery. Me..., not really more than them. But as years go by, I must recognize that the disease doesn't seem to develop in me as it did in my father and grandmother. It is this rather incredible story that I tell you here.

Since 2012, I send letters just about anywhere to try to interest doctors. But these letters are not at all successful and time flies. If you have any suggestion, thanks to contact me.

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